Fish farms

Fish production

Fish production worldwide is a market in rapid development. The different breeding methods includes everything from prawns, salmon and exotic fish that otherwise only live in the Far East.

Our specialty is of course the fish that need salt and minerals. We today supply salt to different types of fish farming and have knowledge of what is required to optimize water quality for our customers.

Across the globe, there are increasing demands for food, that is why it is important that fish are produced under the best conditions. This secures a high quality with a high output. Our high quality matches the high industry expectations. We have in cooperation with the fish producers developed a salt mixture that has been extensively tested for a period of more than two years.

We provide salt and mineral products, advice, sparring, analyzes to cover all fish breeders’ needs.

The benefits of using Hoss products are the reduction of fish deaths, larger fish, better quality meat and faster growth when fish are released into the sea nets. The output for our customers is higher earnings and a stronger competitive setup.

Improved result and output for our customers

Our customers run fish production plants. They know that the quality of production and output is crucial to their profit. Our salt can be adapted to the specific requirements for minerals to optimize production. Feedback from salmon producers says that the fish eat and adapt much better when they come from fresh water to the net at sea. The fish are allready adapted to breathe in saltwater and are immediately ready to grow and consume food. This means tremendously reduced fishing mortality, which both the producer and the environment will benefit from, since the food is consumed instead of ending at the sea bottom. At the same time the fish is thriving and growing much faster.

We can test your water quality

Our customers greatly appreciate testing their water quality with us for several purposes. We can optimize mineral mix to the customer’s own water quality or we can advise on problems the customer may have. A water test can reveal whether there are minerals or wastes that are represented in excesses or even missing. Through our knowledge, chemist and affiliated veterinarian, we can find possible solutions for optimizing customer relationships.

Chemist and veterinarian

Many aquariums have experienced water quality fluctuations. There can be many explanations, but it’s usually as simple as water pollution.

Whether it’s a smaller private aquarium or a big commercial aquarium, there are many chemical processes in the water. It comes via additives such as food, salt, medicine, etc. The wildlife and corals also consume some of the additives and the balance changes accordingly. To secure that the aquarium looks beautiful and in balance it is important that all water values are monitored. For many years, we have offered professional advice and sparring in this area to help our customers.

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