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Our salt is not just salt, it contains both salts and minerals, Trace elements. This is done to achieve the natural water conditions like the ocean. Through many years of experience, we know which parts are important to the fish and which significance each ingredient has. The ingredients are mixed under controlled conditions so that the mixtures are as pure as possible. We always have an idea about the mix, but through water tests the mix is adapted to suit the local plant’s basic water, water change, etc.

The benefits

The benefits of using our salt mixture are many. The absolute greatest benefit is a significant decrease in mortality. This is because the fish now meets its need for minerals and salts, making it resistant and stronger. This cannot be achieved in traditional production plants that are not operated with the salt mixture or by using pure salt without the right minerals. Another great advantage is that the fish, exposed for salt mixture in indoor tanks, is a fish that is ready to be released into the out growing facilitates at sea. The fish is ready for the levels of minerals, salts and salinity so that their osmoregulation is optimal. This allows the fish to feed and grow immediately after the release at sea. Without the use of our salt mixture, the norm, when releasing fish in nets, is that the fish reduces its activity level and refuse to eat for weeks fighting to get in a osmoregulation condition.

The financial return

The financial return for our customers is significantly greater than the investment in the salt. End production increases as the mortality is reduced. Production time can be shortened as the fish grows faster and thereby sooner will be is ready for slaughter. Finally, a finer, stronger and healthier fish is achieved through increased animal welfare.

We find that many fish producers do not focus on the above-mentioned topics. That is why we do our best to help, advise and cooperate with our customers at eye level. This is done to help implement the salt solution in their production with the most benefit. We possess knowledge of the fish biology and have experience of the production plant. We are specialized in the biological and chemical filtration.


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