Pool salt

Salt to pools is actually “just” salt. Many manufacturers try to produce special salt types that are made especially for pools but it does not make much sense. We do not want to sell “special” pool salt. Hoss salt for pools is just pure sodium chlorine (NaCl) without pollution or additives. Hoss salt is produced and not extracted from the sea, which makes a pure product that is the requirement to produce chlorine in the pool water.
By allowing the pool water to flow through a chlorine generator, a production of chlorine is obtained. It is used for everything between small garden pools to large swimming pools and amusement parks. All you need is salt and chlorine generator. Using chlorine production avoids the user pouring chemistry into the water. The payback time for such a system is obtained fast and will easier lead to the crystal clear water.



We recommend that you read more about the topic on Wikipedia here:
In addition, there are a lot of videos for private garden pools about chlorine production facilities on youtube.

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